Primary care physician Footnote 1

The primary care physician may be the first contact the patient has with medical care, and should provide trusted advice and continuity of care across the patient’s lifespan, and optimise the wellbeing and quality of life for patients and their family members

PCP roles

  • Immunisation

    Ensure immunisation schedule is followed, including influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations

  • Nutritional counselling

    In partnership with dieticians, ensure patients receive proper nutritional advice and encourage adequate nutrient intake

  • Dental care

    Ensure patients have regular dental care, including fluoride supplementation where necessary

  • Psychosocial care

    Monitor development milestones and refer patients to appropriate specialists, including for special educational needs

  • Safety counselling

    Advise the family on safety and prevention of falls in the context of increasing muscle weakness

  • Screening and monitoring

    Regularly test for changes to hearing and vision, mood disorders, cardiovascular risk factors and signs of adrenal insufficiency