DMD and the importance of early diagnosis

What are the signs and symptoms of DMD? And why does early diagnosis matter? Join Professor Thomas Sejersen to find out.


DMD and genetic testing

Genetic testing is essential to confirm a DMD diagnosis. Listen to Malin Kvarnung, MD, PhD, and Professor Már Tulinius discuss the current and future roles of genetic testing in DMD, and explain why identifying the type of mutation involved in DMD is critical for patient care.


DMD and the transition from paediatric to adult care

Join Saskia Houwen, paediatric rehabilitation physician, as she tackles the challenges boys with DMD face as they move to adult care.

This podcast series was produced by Comma and the interviews were conducted by Merja Metell Suomalainen. The podcast was produced with financial support from PTC Therapeutics.

GL-DMD-0847 | August 2023