Children with neuromuscular disease experience progressive muscle deterioration and a continual decline in physical function.1

Signs and symptoms usually begin in early infancy, but it can take a long time before a child is diagnosed.1,2 This means missing out on early treatments and interventions that can significantly improve these young patients’ futures.

This module will help you recognise the early signs of muscle disease so you can refer your patients with confidence.

  • Developed by experts at Newcastle Muscle Centre and Newcastle University in collaboration with the RCPCH
  • Free to take
  • Only takes 1 hour to complete
  • CME accredited in the UK
Access the Duchenne muscular dystrophy e-learning tool

Are you interested in learning more about neuromuscular disorders? The RCPCH has developed an e-learning tool for paediatric orthopaedists on identifying neuromuscular disorders.

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